‘Not Love Actually…’

Alright, NOW it’s officially the holiday season! Time to drink that hot cocoa (yes even in L.A. it’s a little chilly…) Time to throw on your favorite carols (which will be the next couple Sundays…) And of course, time to watch your favorite holiday themed spoofs (starring the Prince of Gotham!) Enjoy!

Stability & Consistency

Returned to the director’s chair. Made a quality short that will find a new audience every holiday season (like the film its based on, ironically). Wrote my first original pilot. Wrote my first spec based on a TV show I love. Producer on another ‘legacy’ project that’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ things […]

One K!

The numbers tell me this is post 1,000 on this site.  ONE THOUSAND! So now is as good of a time as any to say thank you.  Whether you come here daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes. Whether you come for the music or the politics. Whether you come to hear my opinions on […]

Song of the Day – ‘If My Homie Calls’

So… I had an idea in mind…if the numbers look like this by the time I think the judges see it, I think I’ll be in good shape. And I asked you guys for help… And you guys blew past what I wanted in less than 24 hours.  I apologize for underestimating you. Anyway, go […]

A Favor From You…

So… My original intention was to re-release ‘Santa’s Third Wheel’ on Funny or Die for the next holiday season. But… They’re running a competition with the LA Film Festival, Make Em Laff.  The short story is the winner of the contest will meet with FOD to pitch and produce their next comedy short for their […]

Director’s Commentary

  Before we get too far away from it… ‘Santa’s Third Wheel’ was (barely) finished before Christmas, I put it out here (and there and everywhere), and you guys liked it, shared it, retweeted it, gave me and everyone involved a ton of compliments.  Thank you.  As I told some of my conspirators when I […]

Another Part of Me

  Harmony. That’s how I’ll remember 2014.  Maybe I was just due for a good year, but truth be told, 90 percent of my stress over the past 12 months could really be called sympathy/empathy at things going on in the world around me. On a personal level, it feels like I’ve taken a huge […]