Director’s Commentary



Before we get too far away from it…

‘Santa’s Third Wheel’ was (barely) finished before Christmas, I put it out here (and there and everywhere), and you guys liked it, shared it, retweeted it, gave me and everyone involved a ton of compliments.  Thank you.  As I told some of my conspirators when I saw the rough drafts, this project was one of those times where I had that Kanye feeling even before I gave it to the Universe.  In other words, I knew every joke, every reaction, every close up that was coming before it happened, and it still made me laugh, so I was pretty confident that it ‘worked’ before anyone else saw it.  But everybody who puts their time and talent into it usually feels that way; you really don’t know until the audience reacts to it.  So again, thank you.

I could truly a 10 hour director’s commentary on this, but for brevity’s sake, since I got the ’10 percent fishing for insight into my real personal life, 90 percent sarcastic jokes’ about me and Gwen, here’s Samuel L. Jackson and Keira Knightley breaking down EVERYTHING I can cosign about the reality of shooting and playing ‘love/sex/intimacy’ for the screen.

What?  Oh…

Yeah, OK.  I appreciate the irony.  But seriously, here’s Keira and Samuel L…


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