Video of the Day – ‘Cry Me A River’

  Whatever we feel about Timberlake (the Boondocks joke: Michael Jackson is not a genre of music comes to mind), this song goes. Thank you Timbaland. And this video!  Man.  Bill Simmons called this ‘the white people’s Hit Em Up’, and he wasn’t wrong.  I mean, he got a straight Britney clone… Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘Rock Your Body’

  By Sunday night, I’ll have already started my month long journey, so tomorrow I’ll be introspective. Which means ‘the weekend’ song comes a day early. And I spent alot of today contemplating what the most sinful (but not X rated) thing I could put up here tonight since it’s almost certainly going to be […]

Song of the Day – ‘Love Never Felt So Good’

  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you I campaigned a little harder than normal when the opportunity to be in this video came up on my radar. And I’m only half joking when I tell you the thought crossed my mind, if I would’ve booked it… ‘You’re singing along to Mike in one […]