At The Movies

Spent quite a bit of time this past week staring at the big screen.  Let the awards season begin!  Real quick wrap ups of three films I’ve seen the past week:

N Secure is a film about abusive relationships, set in the upper/middle class black community.  The film buff in me thought this movie had a very ‘film festival’ feel; in fact some of the lead actors I’m certain I’ve seen headline other black indies.  The Midwestern boy in me liked the Memphis locale, but the story could (and does) go down in every American city.  The crowd I saw the film with seemed to enjoy it, which is what you need when you’re selling an indie.

The Social Network is of course going for a broader audience, but it’s still a really good movie.  For all the well established names behind the scenes, I thought the strength of this film is in the casting.  The biggest ‘name’ is Justin Timberlake, who’s as close to a villain as this film gets, and he does a good job.  No way this film doesn’t get a Best Picture nom, especially now that the category is expanded to 10 choices.

Waiting for Superman is my film of the year to this point, fiction or non fiction.  This documentary about the American public school system explains how complex the problem is while frustrating the hell out of you at the same time.  I can’t remember the last time I felt so guilty/thankful for having good parents, teachers who took a personal interest in me, and a natural interest to learn.  There’s a lot of kids in this country who have those three things and the system still finds a way to screw them over.  I damn near joined a charity as soon as I got home (I’m not even exaggerating).

As I said in the opener, ‘awards season’ is ramping up so more reviews are almost certainly coming…

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