I know your boy Justin Timberlake is hosting SNL this week and he’s got a hot record again so he’s in a nice spot to make another step up the ‘legend’ ladder.  Justin is one of those handful of guys my hypercompetitive ass always keeps an eye on.  Not that I could have (or want) his exact path, but we’re close enough in age and background (Midwestern/Southern mix) that I look at what he’s doing more than others.  The biggest difference of course, is, you know, I’m actually black.

OK, OK, I kid, I kid.  I’m not a hater like some.  When Timberlake is on point (‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Dick in a Box’ immediately come to mind), you can’t deny the skills/sense of style/comedic timing.  I’ve seen and heard enough unflattering stories though too, to be a little wary.

Anyway I owe you a song to take you into the weekend.  Not a joke I wrote, but this falls into the ‘Michael Jackson is not a genre of music’ category:

You know, this song reminds me of a story when

[Editor’s Note: Malik was distracting in the last 30 seconds of the song and got into a pop locking showdown with video Justin.  He’ll be back with a new post Sunday night.  Have a good weekend.]