I got an email from one of my long lost college aces last week.  While we tease him for his annual ‘I’m still alive’ messages; it was a nice reminder of college days swiftly passed, and my overall policy about friendship: unless we ended on extremely bad terms (which is honestly, not even 5 people in my life off the top of my head), then if/whenever we reconnect, we’ll just pick up wherever we left off.

All that’s a prologue for a probably nostalgic post at the end of the week.  For now, today’s song is one of the anthems from my prime as a younger man. Specifically, Cool Breeze’s verse.  Some things never change:

I know a whole lot of brothas in the rap game/ but most of them are in it for the shiny things

They want to snatch all ten/maybe stack about four

They wanna live in a house but don’t want no grass to grow

See what you need to do is learn the tricks of the trade

Go to work, put it down, and then get paid

If only two of us gonna get caught for making a sale

I’m one; if you the other bruh, I can’t tell

Ain’t nobody gonna come in, and get in my zone

Bout to kill four birds, with bout fifteen stones!’