Quincy Jones has had a career and a life that just won’t me duplicated. EGOT.  He opened the door for Oprah to go to the next level.  He opened the door for Will Smith to go to the next level.  Nearly any creative I know would feel like his 90th biggest accomplishment would easily […]

It’s OK Rich…

  Funny, I was just watching this last week for acting purposes… But since Quincy Jones felt the need to throw the 1960s under the bus this week, let me post this… More serious people, who are more directly affected by homophobia than I, can speak to some of the uglier comments around Q’s revelations […]

Song of the Day – ‘And I Love Her’

  A few different angles with this one… Many of you know my affection for ‘Clair de Lune’ and I had planned to fit it into my wedding.  UNTIL, I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who told me him and his wife used it in their wedding.  Hmph!  And I’ve half jokingly been […]

Song of the Day – ‘Secret Garden’

  It was the infamous ‘Three Musketeers Spring Break’ trip.  We were shacked up with some FINE ass Deltas from Spelman.  I was instantly in love with one of them, I thought she could be the Elvira to my Tony Mecca (you Scarface fans will appreciate that reference.) Anyway one night we were coming home from 112, […]

Appreciation – Sidney Lumet

  “There’s no such thing as a small part, just small actors.” – Sidney Lumet Being out of town delayed this post by a few days, but when you’ve contributed to American cinema what Sidney Lumet did, an appreciation is better late than never.  Non film geeks be warned, I’m going in on this one. […]

Most Important Black Films – #16 The Color Purple

Based on the critically acclaimed novel, The Color Purple was an equally popular film that received its fair share of critical acclaim.  On to the tale of the tape… Relevance:  The storyline of black life in the South in the early 20th century would be enough for this category.  The inclusion of the film’s author and the film’s […]