It was the infamous ‘Three Musketeers Spring Break’ trip.  We were shacked up with some FINE ass Deltas from Spelman.  I was instantly in love with one of them, I thought she could be the Elvira to my Tony Mecca (you Scarface fans will appreciate that reference.)

Anyway one night we were coming home from 112, me and my ace in the back seat.

Elvira: Do you sing?

Me: (doing my ‘painfully shy Michael Jackson’ bit) Um…I don’t like to brag…but you know…yes.

Now y’all know me well enough to know I followed that up with a good ten minutes of silence.  The car got quiet and this bad boy come on.  Completely on cue, I piped up with all the bass in my voice.


Oh trust, King Kong, James Ingram, they didn’t have shit on me that night!

Anyway, enjoy: