‘Black Panther’

Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, Coming to America…Black Panther is in the pantheon of great black films, immediately. So what can I say that hasn’t been hot taked to death already?  I picked a few things… Stakes – Yes, I’m going to use ‘the Dark Knight’ as one of the best examples, but it’s […]


Ryan and Mike teaming up again? I’m in. And ‘Rocky Balboa’ was one of the better movies in the Rocky series in my opinion.  If they keep that general tone…

Stability & Consistency

Returned to the director’s chair. Made a quality short that will find a new audience every holiday season (like the film its based on, ironically). Wrote my first original pilot. Wrote my first spec based on a TV show I love. Producer on another ‘legacy’ project that’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ things […]

Fruitvale Station

  Finally got to see Fruitvale Station tonight.  Taking one last deep breath before I start this one. The film is based on the real life story of Oscar Grant, who a few years back was killed at the BART station in San Francisco this film is named after.  As directed by Ryan Coogler, we follow Oscar […]