Oscar Nominations – First Impressions



In no particular order…

I overlooked Viola Davis (Doubt) during the Golden Globes, so let me start by saying I’m glad that sister got nominated.  But I’m really, really happy for Taraji P. Henson.  She’s moving up quickly and she more than deserves the attention.

I usually don’t cover documentaries in my predictions, but I checked out this flick called Man On Wire last week and really enjoyed it.  I see it’s up for Best Documentary and suggest it if you haven’t seen it.  It’s the story of this French kid who dreamed of tightrope walking between the Twin Towers, and ended up doing it in the 70s.  It reminded of one of my favorite movie lines (from Vanilla Sky), “What is life if not the pursuit of a dream?”

I don’t even think I’ve even verbalized this to my partner in crime, but one of my ‘super duper’ Hollywood dreams would be to host the Oscars one day.  It’s a thankless job, the biggest stage in town on the biggest night (a perfect marriage with my ambitious side).  And it’s a short list of ‘us’ who’s ever had the chance: Sammy, Richard Pryor (as co-hosts), Chris Rock, and of course Whoopi.  You have to be comfortable in a tux, you have to be acceptable to the mainstream, and you have to keep the show moving.  Who knows, maybe our new president made that dream a little more realistic for me someday.

The Dark Knight got eight nominations, including one for Heath for Best Supporting Actor.  But no Best Picture nomination, no nomination for Christopher Nolan for Best Director.  Eh, moving on…

I’ve got a few more movies to see, but I won’t be reviewing them here on the blog.  For now all I can say is stay tuned…

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