Cult of Personality

  Another rotation around the sun nearly complete.  I’ve lived long enough to exist in Trump’s America. Hooray… Nearly all of us in life, will experience some personal and professional setbacks that screws up our plans.  I’ve lost more than one job, not from being fired but because the company as a whole went bankrupt. […]

Re-Elect President Barack Obama

  While every Presidential election is hyped up as having the potential to ‘change the direction of the country’, 2012 represents a year where that could be the case regardless of who wins next week’s election.  President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have established different viewpoints on several important issues, and have messages that […]

The Choice 2012

  Let’s start with the answer to the question that will come up: I’m a registered Independent.  The short answer why, is while I certainly lean in a certain direction more often than not, I also have an aversion to giving any political party the assurance they can count on my vote no matter what […]

The Luxury of Silence/The Price of Honesty

  This is a story of passion, so let’s begin by using one of our passions as a way of easing into the story… I was watching The Matrix Revolutions the other day.  Not as bad as people remember, but as we all know, the third film in trilogies have a habit of leaving some people very […]

The Chase

This is not a political post, but before I start, I have to acknowledge today’s events… For my non-black friends and readers who mistakenly believe ‘all’ black folks fall on the the same spot on the political spectrum, you are about to see EXACTLY how conservative and/or liberal black folks can be when certain ‘issues’ […]

Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?

  One of the things I enjoy most about social media (Twitter specifically) is the ability to converse with people you may not get to in your normal routine of life.  I get on the interwebs and have fun (as you probably know since you’re online reading this).  One of the unexpected benefits that I’ve […]

American Muslim, Volume IV

  I’ve talked a lot about what I am, and not much lately about what I do.  I’ve been treated to some pleasant news which through sheer coincidence of timing came while I’ve been fasting. The last script that I wrote was a semi-autobiographical story about growing up as a Muslim in pre and post […]

A Day Later

When something dramatic happens, I try (if I can) to wait a day before really reacting to it.  The gut reaction is usually the right one, but emotions can severely cloud judgment as well. So to go from the initial reports (‘The President is making an announcement, and it can’t wait until tomorrow’) which create […]

Where We’ve Been/Where We’re Going

  Today the hip hop nation takes pause for 2Pac’s birthday.  He would have been 39.  It’s a strange reality to me to know there’s a generation who know of 2Pac through videos and old footage, but who didn’t live through his peak years. Like some but not all, I had a love/hate relationship with […]