The Most Important Film of Black Cinema

While we all have different ‘favorite’ films in black cinema, it is my argument, using the criteria I’ve established (relevance to black culture, the legacy or shelf life of the project after the initial release, the actual craftmanship of the filmmaking, the degree to which the film was noticed/recognized by the mainstream, and the Apollo […]

Catalyst (My Calling)

  Sura 1, the Holy Qu’ran: In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds! The compassionate, the merciful! King on the day of reckoning! Thee only do we worship, and to Thee do we cry for help. Guide Thou us on the straight path,2 The path […]

The Movement

During one of my recent courtships, I was asked the ‘life’s ambition’ question.  While the answer hasn’t really changed much, the method has changed slightly, and at least publicly, I’ve never acknowledged how much my religious background plays into my ‘lot in life.’  Since many of my readers come from outside my religious background, I’ll […]


  The first time I recall scaring my mother I was still in elementary school.  I was straight A student, running for class president, pegged as ‘one of the good ones’ by church and family.  Anyway, I remember making a comment along the lines of “being on top of the world and still having nothing.”  […]

Oscar Nominations – First Impressions

  In no particular order… I overlooked Viola Davis (Doubt) during the Golden Globes, so let me start by saying I’m glad that sister got nominated.  But I’m really, really happy for Taraji P. Henson.  She’s moving up quickly and she more than deserves the attention. I usually don’t cover documentaries in my predictions, but I […]

What a Week…

I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions, but I did start the year with a fire lit under me.  Projects big and small, a lot of traveling I’m looking forward to later in the year; so I had a lot on my plate.  A few weeks in, and I’ve reached one of those ‘calm […]

What I’ll Take From 2008…

  In no particular order, 10 things that will stick out in my mind from the past 12 months… 10. Getting Netflix So I’ve had Netflix for a little less than a month and I’ve watched…28 movies.  Seriously, who was holding out on turning me onto this?!?  (I like movies by the way.) 9. Tiger […]

An Open Letter to the President-Elect

  Dear Mr. President-Elect, Let me start by saying, I hate politics.  In a perfect world, the most talented artists would be the biggest celebrities, the biggest criminals would get the largest jail sentences, and the smartest people would be our world leaders.  As it is, sex tapes kickstart more careers than they destroy; the […]