What a Week…

I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions, but I did start the year with a fire lit under me.  Projects big and small, a lot of traveling I’m looking forward to later in the year; so I had a lot on my plate. 

A few weeks in, and I’ve reached one of those ‘calm before the storm’ phases.  The first act of Lady is almost done, the reel piece is as ready as it can be at the moment.  If I run out of things that ‘have to be done’ before I go to bed, I’m deliberately making myself rest (as opposed to figure out what else I can do before I wear myself out). 

I caught the speech yesterday but have nothing else to add about Obama right now that hasn’t been said by somebody else.  I believe the Oscar nominations come out in the morning.  Last year my partner in crime and I did our Oscar predictions via video; we’ve talked about doing something similar this year; we’ll see if our schedules c0-exist.  Speaking of ART, I’m planning on blogging about one of my favorite TV shows this week depending on how free my time ends up being…

Football is probably my single favorite sport, so for me, in my lifetime, to see the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, and now, the Arizona Cardinals get to the Super Bowl before my Kansas City Chiefs, well, don’t ever call me a frontrunner.  As a sports fan, I will admit it will probably be a good game though.

Last note for now; through the comments and personal emails and some conversation, I’ve gotten a feel for those of you who come by on a regular basis, and I just wanted to thank you.  For the inner circle people who I know are reading, I’ve been pleasantly surprised on a few occassions by others who let me know they stop by once in a while.  Anyone who’s met me in real life knows I’m definitely not the type where I run my mouth to no end, even if you’ve known me for years.  While I definitely had a little of a ‘plan’ when I started this, giving people an open door into my introspective side wasn’t my primary goal.  But as most of us grown folks know, life is defined by the things that happen while we’re working on our ‘plan’.  So there it is.

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