I want to stay away from the obvious cliches when I judge this film on its own and within the long view of Ava Duvernay’s career (‘this is an important film’), so I’ll try to find the right words at the end… The conceit of this documentary is that while the 13th Amendment abolished […]

Song of the Day – ‘Overjoyed’

I fell into this before Oscars week when I posted her covering Michael.  I generally try to space out using the same artist too close together. BUT… When you successfully cover my single favorite Stevie song… In the genre that’s the soundtrack to my life… In front of the President AND the songwriter… And kill […]


  Nothing I say to start your week will possibly match the eloquence of this. Harry Belafonte this past weekend accepting his honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards:  


  I had a dream to start the week; one of these dreams where as it goes on, you realize you’re not in reality.  I was out somewhere (the Grove maybe?), and I saw my dream girl and her kid.  We hadn’t seen each other in a real long time.  As I was debating whether […]

Moonrise Kingdom

  A Wes Anderson film.  A ‘filmmaker’s film’.  A ‘geek film’.  I open with a fair warning because I know all of you won’t dig Moonrise Kingdom.  You probably know going in if it’s the type of film you would like or not. The story is another ‘misfits in love’ story (popular this year it seems). […]

Middle of Nowhere

  Better late than never with this one. Middle of Nowhere is the best ‘Black’ film I’ve seen in quite awhile.  There’s a version of this story that you could see done in a very over the top fashion, but credit goes to the brilliant cast and director Ava DuVernay that the film never goes there. […]