I Love L.A. – #13 Early Start Times


Today was a typically long Sunday, some outside time, some personal things I had to get done – like all hardcore sports fans though, this particular Sunday meant planning everything around the NBA Finals.  So what time did the game start for me?  5 PM, perfect to get to a friend’s house for an early dinner.  At the end of a great game was it time for bed?  Hell no, it just turned 8 PM!  Enough time to get a few things done (including writing this post)!

Regular season NFL games starting at 10 in the morning, the ability to catch the ending of any great prime time game without the benefit of Sportscenter, the early start times are a hidden benefit you don’t catch until you’re here.  They’re also the real truth for the infamous ‘late arriving’ LA sports crowds; on top of the unlimited entertainment options this town provides, the ‘prime time games’ during the week mean you’re fighting rush hour traffic on top of stadium/arena traffic. 

This is the movie geek in me talking, but the growth of the internet (and Twitter) has forced pretty much all the big award shows taped on the West Coast to televise live out here.  So we’re still getting used to seeing the Golden Globes and Oscars on television at 5 in the evening, but I’m sure we’ll get used to that too. 

I’ll admit it, I’m spoiled now.

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