On A Mission…

The i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed, so I’ve had to step up my preparation for my next project.  I have a to do list of things I need to do before this show gets on the road.  The last time I got on the scale, I was 15 pounds over my ideal weight (damn Nilla Wafers), so that meant no more ‘days off’ from the gym, and to clean up my diet – NOW.  Motivation has never been the problem, but I’ll damn if my whole body isn’t sore as hell at the moment (damn first week back in the gym).  Doesn’t look like I’ll be enjoying too many more Popeye’s dinners for the time being, so if you run into me anytime soon and I’m crankier than usual, at least you’ll know why.

As you can probably imagine, I have a list of films I need to watch and re-watch to put myself in the right mindset.  Through sheer luck of the draw, I more or less overdosed on Brando films last week: The Godfather, Last Tango in Paris, Burn! (a little underrated), Guys and Dolls (I completely get why Sinatra called him Mumbles now), Julius Caesar.  My piece is definitely more modern so I doubt I’ll be watching anymore ‘classics’ the next few weeks.

This will be my first experience working with the RED One camera.  From everyone I’ve talked to about it, it’s an impressive piece of equipment.  I know Soderbergh shot Che with it, and I’m not going for anything remotely that epic!  So we’ll see how it goes.  I have a few goals for this project that I’ll go into more detail about when I get a little deeper in.

On a side note, doesn’t look like the Art Fradieu Oscar picks will be any type of video debate.  We’re both just too busy right now.  But I will be posting my picks for each category during the week, so check back daily if that interests you.

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