2010 Series: I Love L.A.

Going back to my hometown and seeing old friends, I naturally took my fair share of jokes for being ‘Hollywood’ from my Circle.  I was already outside the norm as a Midwestern kid to begin with, my adopted hometown has really brought out the best in me in terms of inspiring me creatively, giving my ambition room to grow, and giving me the opportunity to meet, interact, and become friends with people I would have never met otherwise.  When people ask me about how I like living in Los Angeles, I half-jokingly tell them I’ve already picked out where I want to be buried.  The City of Angels is not ‘Gotham’ per se, but it’s definitely my Gotham City. 

Anyway I write about things I know and I’m passionate about in this space; last year was dedicated to the 25 Most Important Black Films and TV Shows Made, this year I’m going to do a series about the things I love about this city.  There will be no ranking system this time; in other words #1 in this case is not the thing I love most.  There’s no predetermined list, I have no idea how many things I will come up with (probably between 25 and 50 like last year but I really don’t know).  As I go to places, see people, and am reminded of events I’ll probably be reminded on that particular day to write about them.  Even moreso than last year’s series, I’m telling you up front these are all my favorites; no need for historical contexts or any debates of that nature.

Alright, that’s enough of an intro, on with the show…

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