Natalie Portman the Musical: Round 3


Before I go into full promotional mode, let me say this: I’m not doing one of my deliberate ‘quiet’ things right now, in terms of what’s going on in the news/politics.  I know some of you are already fatigued by it (and we’ve still got a month to go to the actual election yay!); truth be told, I’m trying to hold off until October to go into more detail about my own feelings about alot of what is (and is not) floating around.  I will at least say this: I think it’s all related to the upcoming Presidential election, whether it’s explicit or not.  Now moving on…

Two more weekends of Showtime!  To the friends who have already come down, thank you, I love you, the cast loves you, the crew loves you.  To everyone who has written nice reviews, told their friends about the show being funny, reposted and retweeted and on and on, thank you as well.  Now for the rest of you…what’s the holdup?

Get your sweet, sexy asses down to the Chromolume Theatre this weekend (or next) and get your chuckle on!

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