Three months to go.  By any measure this has been one of my most productive years ever.  Even if I sat back and just promoted things that are in the can but haven’t aired yet, 2012 will be a plus.  Not my nature of course, but I can give myself a moment to reflect.

A lot of different factors have played into momentum shifting in the positive direction; the one that I have the most control over of course is my own actions.  From the beginning I’ve been a ‘big picture’ guy (part of the price of ambition), but the fundamental flaw if you spend too much time focused on the big picture is you’ll get caught up overthinking, overanalyzing, and so on.

The endgame is still the same, but other than a chosen few, I’ll rarely speak about it verbally (or in a blogpost).  If for example, I was doing all this to own a Maserati, I’ll go by the dealership once every few months to admire it.  But that’s really the amount of time I spend thinking about it on a daily basis.  Day to day, I focus on whatever is right in front of me.  Focus, discipline, work ethic, all strengths of mine.  Daily goals now.  ‘Win’ every day.  And as it’s turned out, stringing together a lot of successful days turns into successful weeks and so on.

So I’ve updated the ‘That Guy’ section with a few of the great blurbs I got for Natalie Portman: the Musical.  More updates later this week…