Song of the Day – Got My Mind Made Up


Once a week for these, I’ll try to give a detailed breakdown of a song I post.  This one was easy since it’s a personal favorite…

Got My Mind Made Up is hiding on ‘All Eyez on Me’, and it still plays as a great ‘one-upsmanship’ song between great rappers.  This song should have been much bigger, but Death Row never released it as a true single.  Of course you know why: this is the peak of the West Coast-East Coast beef, no matter how good the song was, at the time we couldn’t pretend anybody on the West Coast would do great work with anyone on the East.

Anyway, here we go.  Beat kicks in…I have the heart of a DJ (obviously) more than an MC, but the beat is one that anyone would try to freestyle over.  Daz starts it off, he does well.  Feels like just another high quality West Coast single.

Then ‘Pac shows up…

‘So mandatory, my elevation, my lyrics like orientation; so you can be more familiar with the n***a you facing’

This is one everyone perks up.  A little pet peeve of mine is once in a while I’ll hear someone say 2Pac was just average lyrically.  This is one of those songs/verses that should shut that argument down.  Redman hasn’t dropped the blunt yet, but he’s listening to Pac flowing…

‘My lyrics motivate the planet. It’s similar to Rhythm Nation, but thugged out.  Forgive me Janet!’

Uh oh!  Did we just get a Poetic Justice shoutout?  I think we did.  The stakes are rising…

‘Bear witness to the dopest f***ing rhyme I wrote. Taking off my coat, clearing my throat.’

With everything I just said, I don’t think it’s the dopest 2Pac verse, but everyone recognizes the effort.  Redman is walking around the studio now…

Kurupt was the MC with something to prove, and it shows here.  And I’m not hating, but I’m sure he looked around before he got here and knew he had to hold his water…

‘Your whole camp’s under siege, and I’m Jason Voorhees.’

Yeah that’s not bad.  But Redman went and sat back down on the couch.  He’s not overly impressed.  Then his partner in crime Method Man starts off with this…

‘F**k you losers, while you fake jacks, I makes maneuvers; Like Hitler, sticking up Jews with German Lugers.’

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone’s turned around and is completely listening to this verse.  Redman is back up off the couch…

‘Johnny Blaze out to get loot like Johnny Cash; play a game of Russian Roulette and have a blast.’

Great lyric!  So what you got Redman?  You get the last verse, what you got son?!?

‘Ayyo, lyrical gats spitting the criminal tactics; non-believers get my dick and genitals backwards…’

Oh sh–.  Everyone’s eyes light up (no pun intended)…

‘Got the clear spot, from the rear block. To bust til every n***a here drop. Men I fear not.

Hold your nose and blow out til your ears pop. 

Since your crew suit you to shift, now you claim that you gets lot.’


‘Lick off your shot and hit your fam by mistake. So I erase the whole front row at your wake.

I planned my escape in case Jake or a snake bust it; I’m the one pushing the hearse in the first place

Confidence for you shaky ass folks; pumped for Rockafella for the day he got smoked

Choke off this anecdote, got you ope

Get roast by my lyrics, Billy Dee, .45 Colt!’

In the final mix, Dre cuts off the mic before every hip hop head in the room goes absolutely phucking ballistic!

And Redman casually grabs his junk and walks away from the mic…

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