So most of you who keep up with me in other places know I’m a Union Guy now, officially.  Major career milestone, and back to back years I’ve achieved my annual goal before making it halfway through the year.

I contemplated whether I should go into the weekend:

A) paying tribute to the deep spirituality that keeps me grounded underneath the ‘Hollywood’ shell, or

B) today is one of those days I let the ego off its leash: puff my chest out a little, winking at the people cheering and supporting me, throwing a nice sideways glare at the people who still haven’t learned I won’t stay down.

Then I figured, as symbolic as this is for everything right now, why not have my cake and eat it too?

(cue Malcolm’s intro: ‘And in the few moments we have left, I’d like to talk real down to earth, in a language everyone can easily understand…)

Have a good weekend.