First, thanks to everyone who came out for the last run of Natalie Portman.  Last night especially we had one more close to full house and we went out a high note which is how you always want to go.  It sounds like the gang will be reuniting later this year for a new project, I’ll let you know about that when it comes together.

The next month and a half is my annual journey inwards; not as an actor as much as it is for me as a human being.  We’ll talk about that as we go along, but just giving you a heads up for those of you who are attracted to my more personal postings.

In the meantime, since it decided to get crazy hot here this weekend, we’ll start the week off with this.  Meets all my criteria for a respectable cover: distinct from the original without betraying it, not bad at all if you’re not familiar with the original.

I can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun…