A Great Scene/Inspirations…



So I’m writing again.  Not meaning this, but meaning screenwriting again.  Lot of different reasons, but it’s nice to be working that muscle again.  I’m writing a comedy, but if you’re familiar with my screenplays and films, you know my style is to cut beyond the superficial to tell the story. Same with acting, one skillset feeds the other, more than ever now.  I have to say, while the craft continues to grow, telling the stories I like to tell is harder than it’s ever been.  Digging into certain emotional places is great for the artist (and the audience) but harder on the individual sometimes.  I realize as I’m writing this, one of the reasons I love acting in other people’s projects is completely giving myself over to someone else’s vision (and getting out of my own head).  Completely trusting someone else’s vision is fun when you believe in the vision.  I’m enjoying putting my own vision back on the page, we’ll see where this one goes.

Semi-related, I’m going over Morgan Freeman’s career in full, and watched ‘Lean On Me’ again this weekend.  I always love watching this scene with two actors who I’ve admired my whole life.  The walking out line is my favorite.  Enjoy:

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