I’ve been keeping an eye on what’s been going down in Florida (again) last weekend, and at this point I just felt sad more than anything.  Among my own peers, I’ve noticed a definite feeling of ‘Oh God, now I fully understand that extra layer of ‘Please Be Careful’ that I got from my parents that I don’t think my friends’ parents always get.

I don’t feel like going on a full scale political rant though.  My concern for the young cats coming up behind me isn’t even about their physical safety (no more than usual anyway).  It’s more along the lines ‘How are you internalizing all of this?’  The way things are going, will current events activate a rebellious, militant, ‘I’m as good as anybody else’ streak like I had?  Are they already (for completely understandable reasons) taking it in as a lack of self-esteem, lack of self-worth that’s been going on since forever?  I don’t know.

OK, now I’ll shut up and give you a song.  I don’t keep up with the current artists too much, but when I was a kid it was nice to have songs like this once in a while: