What I Learned This Weekend…



I stand corrected.

The past month or so as I’ve taken on…you know, I can’t even tell you off the top of my head how many projects I’m simultaneously working on, on some level right now.  But as a lot of golden opportunities all hit me at once (because that’s the way it has to be right?), I’ve been telling my various friends and allies this is going to be one of my ‘burn out summers’.

He’ll never let me live this down, but way back in the day, I told my roommate at the time I was ‘married to work’.  And as always, at the time I said it, I was completely sincere with the statement.  My work and my dream were the only two things I was really passionate about.  Like a lot of other people, he advised me to build a more three dimensional life for myself, but in my supremely hard headed way, I’m pretty sure my response was ‘Yeah whatever.’

I won’t give him the satisfaction of telling him he’s right, but what is true is that if all you do is fuck around, you better be ready to live with the repercussions of that.  If you go around, lying to people all the time, you better be ready when that bill eventually comes due.  And it’s not always said out loud, but, if you work all the time…yeah there is a steep price for that, that is not necessarily attractive.

So I can’t tell you how or when it happened exactly, but at some point along the way, the lesson did sink in, and I prioritized my personal life.  If I wasn’t completely sure why I was talking to you, I started questioning myself and probably stopped (insert ex-girlfriend joke here).  I think my natural instinct of 10 percent talking/90 percent listening really served me well here, because if I wanted to hang out/get a bite to eat/date/catch a movie, I’d ask, and then I’d just sit back and let my people tell me about what’s going on in their lives and be completely content just having some human interaction to break up staring at a script or a computer screen for hours on end.

So where’s this rambling going you ask?  Well to bring it all home, the Lady In My Life rewrite pretty much got locked up this weekend with a lot of time to spare, and whereas in the past I would have immediately picked up the next project on my to do list, this weekend I went out.  Not all night, but long enough to get out of my own head for an hour or so.  And when I got home Saturday night, I was lying in bed, and a bunch of little ‘not fully fleshed out ideas’ merged into what I think would be one HELL of a sitcom pitch down the line.

So to my friends and family, while the majority of my life right now is not dedicated to ‘the fun stuff’, I will backtrack and say that I will get out and hang out enough to not completely stress myself out.

And on that note, have a good week!

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