The Straight Path



I had a weird dream last night.

I was lying in bed and this beautiful actress (doesn’t matter who it was) sat on the edge of my bed and asked how I was doing.  I imagine only actors have this problem, but I had to let her talk for a few minutes while I was trying to figure out, ‘OK is she talking to me, Malik, or are we playing a scene?’  She eventually called me by my actual name so I told her about everything that was stressing me out at the moment.

I open with that story because last week was the first weird week in this Summer of Hustle, and today was the topper when someone let all the air out of my motivation balloon and brought my mood down to zero.  (Yeah, I’m human, it happens to me too.)  When I was a younger man, the sheer force of my anger was more than enough to go into ‘Eff You’ mode and match destructive tendencies with destructive tendencies.  Those of you who know me (and love me) best know that as an adult, I now have 1,001 more constructive ways to channel my frustrations than go around trying to tear someone else’s dream down or discouraging you or telling you why you suck.  Honestly, I’ve reached that point where I don’t even get mad at the people who try to pull me down anymore, I’m just disappointed you’d come at me like that.  I’ve got enough problems without dealing with your bullshit.

So, to start the week, here is my request: I crack jokes to make you laugh, in this space, I post a lot of great music in almost every musical genre, when many of you seem stressed or need help or in some way seem headed to a dark place, my compassionate instinct kicks in and I try to listen to you or smile at you or tell you things will work themselves out.

The work is being done (that’s never been in question) and when you get to see what I’m putting together for you, you’re going to laugh and maybe think a little bit.  Right now in this moment though, it’s all business and hustle without any of the fun or pleasurable elements.  So in whatever way we interact with each other, the positive karma that I’m normally trying to interject into your life?  I could use some of that energy back in this direction.

On that note, have a good week!

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