Even though Ramadan has come and gone for this year, I would still like Sunday in particular be the day (not necessarily the only one) where this space is used to go a little deeper than the usual silliness.  At the same time though, I won’t be forcing the issue if it’s not there.  Right now, I’m watching the Dream Defenders in Florida, I’m of course keeping an eye on what’s going on Egypt, but in both cases I don’t feel remotely qualified to give a fully fleshed out point of view on either subject.

As I thought about if there was another way to go about it, the obvious answer is in what takes up more than a few days in this space: the music.  My music pedigree is established, and I don’t think anyone would be shocked when I say I know my fair of share of ‘socially conscious’ music, hip hop and other genres.  So on Sundays like today when I don’t have anything extra deep to talk about it, we’ll throw out a song that’s about…’something’.

The Michael sample is pretty heavy in this choice, but that aside this might be the ‘deepest’ song Treach ever flowed about.  Have a good week!