Song of the Day – ‘Imagine’



This is the story of the worst thing I did to play myself this year…

Part of moving up in the world was free access to a professional recording studio, sound engineer included.  As I was putting down a lot of different voiceover demos, I was also working on doing a recording of ‘Imagine’ for John’s birthday.

So anyway, I had all of my work done 30 minutes early for one of my sessions (that’s preparation and voiceover work taking relative little time to do).  The engineer asked if I had anything else since I had so much time left and (against my gut), I mentioned to him I was working on a vocal track.

Now I will still swear that I’m not a ‘bad karoake’ singer.  But that’s play singing.  Singing for real, unprepared, in front of complete stranger?  I mean, I did do it.  The true miracle is I was able to get all my voiceover files in my pocket before they laughed me out of there.

Bad as that was though, the lesson here young people is, the only way you know for sure is to try.

And now ladies and gentlemen, live from the Apollo Theatre…John Lennon:


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