Song of the Day – ‘The Boys of Summer’



Things are moving in the right direction.

Everyone I’ve talked to so far about Angel wants to help and likes what I’m trying to do, which of course motivates me and makes me happy.  It’s so many moving parts to make it come out the way I want it to come out.  I’m the Captain on this ship though, so it all begins and ends with me.  Right now I’ve started the part, which truly, every creative person loves: getting warned and fussed at by my entertainment lawyer friends about things I need to take care of now or pay for later, sitting in two hour long meetings that go over contracts in specific detail.  Huzzah!  Has to be done though.

With the Lady rewrite, now that ‘the Writer’ is satisfied for the moment at where Angel stands, I can start banging out the pages there.  If that feature was a musical album, I only have two ‘songs’ I’m happy with right now. But we’re getting there.  We’re getting there.

Anyway, this weekend was the first absolutely gorgeous weekend of the spring in L.A., and that timed out perfectly with the Dodgers first home stand, so there’s one way to go song wise to start the week.



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