‘The Judge’

Robert Duvall is nominated this year for playing the title character in this courtroom drama.  The strong patriarch with three sons with different personalities, a death on a fishing boat, Robert Friggin Duvall; impossible not to draw comparisons to ‘The Godfather’.  I’d still like to see Duvall, Robert Downey Jr, and Vincent D’Onofrio in an […]


I loved this one! There’s always one ‘really small’ movie that doesn’t have a big enough machine behind it to really win Best Picture, but five years later we may look back on it as the Best Picture of the year.  ‘Whiplash’ is that movie this year. I know I’m biased as a hypercompetitive narcisstic […]


Jennifer Aniston’s run to the Oscar stage came up short, but she still establishes some dramatic cred carrying this feature. The story of this one is a woman with a debilitating back injury, stuck in the mental place between pushing herself to full recovery or wallowing in depression.  Her depression in part centers on an […]


Reese Witherspoon carries this film based on a true story, about a young woman who hikes across the Mojave Desert.  That by itself isn’t much of a story, the hike is a metaphor for this young woman’s transition from a turbulent childhood to young adulthood and attempting to turn her life around before it’s too […]

‘Still Alice’

  Not so fast Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain… Like most of you, I’ve been a fan of Julianne Moore since Boogie Nights (at least).  If ‘Still Alice’ gets her the Lifetime Achievement Oscar, I won’t be mad.  The film is about a brilliant professor who is diagnosed with early on set Alzheimer’s.  Off of […]


  Very sad and disturbing, but all in an entertaining way. Like the other nominated movies that are ‘based on a true story’, you can Google the real people and get all the broad strokes and facts of this story.  The beauty of the dramatization in Foxcatcher is in the deadly three way relationship between the Schultz […]

‘Gone Girl’

  Yikes… That’s a pretty good one word reaction to Gone Girl, right?  Trading notes with my male friends, it’s definitely up there with Fatal Attraction and Unfaithful on that ‘Married Man Worst Fear’ list. What can I say without spoiling the film?  If you’re a David Fincher fan, I can’t imagine you will be disappointed.  I’m reminded again he’s on […]


  She did it. That’s the simple but accurate description of what Ava DuVernay has accomplished with ‘Selma’.  The (still criminally) short list of Hollywood backed films about black history, where black characters are actually the centerpiece of the story, has another worthy entry.  From the opening sequence which contrasts King’s Nobel Peace Prize winning […]